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Hi, I'm Eunjung!

I'm a UI/UX designer at Oasis Labs working on the Oasis developer dashboard. Recently obtained Master of Design degree from Carnegie Mellon University.


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Broker Fees
Web UX/UI Design
Broker Reviews
Web/Mobile UX/UI Design
Augmented Reality Experience & Interface Design
Carnegie Mellon University
Facial Recognition | Data Visualization | Web Design
Carnegie Mellon University
Mobile UX/UI Design
In Fact We Trust
Speculative Design
Carnegie Mellon University
Creativity Rank in the World
Data Visualization
Carnegie Mellon University
Dream House
Branding Design
Master's Thesis [OnGoing]
Metadata Enabled Personal Digital Archive Search Tool
Learning to See, Seeing to Learn
Web Design for Empowering and Engaging
[In Progress]
Front-End vs. Back-End
Motion Graphic
Carnegie Mellon University
Design Research
Design Research & Proposal
Konkuk University